Mechanical Suspension

Our mechanical suspension system comes in two types, namely German type and American type. You can choose the right model as you need, or you can ask our senior technicians for help. As a professional trailer axle and trailer suspension provider, Shandong Fuhua Axle Co., Ltd. can manufacture 18,000 sets of suspension each year. We have purchased all the testing instruments to guarantee our automobile suspension reliable and stable. With certain parameters and special requirements, our technician team can design and produce custom mechanical suspension as per your needs.

1. The product design is mature and reliable. The components and accessories are designed according to the related international standards, so they are highly interchangeable, and easy to be maintained and repaired.

2. The mechanical suspension comes in various models and types. We can also provide custom products according to your requirements.

3. High strength materials are adopted and then formed by punch forming technique. The high loading capacity and service life under high loading are both enhanced due to the highly strong structural frame.

4. The lining of the central axle is made of powder metallurgy material. Its features include long service life and better durability.

5. The leaf spring of our mechanical suspension is made of high-strength spring steel, and processed by internationally advanced techniques. The spring has high loading capacity and is highly interchangeable.

    1. American Type Mechanical Suspension

      As a professional trailer suspension manufacturer, we offer you premium American type mechanism suspension with the loading capacity ranging from 26 to 48 tons. Underslung ...

    1. German Type Mechanical Suspension

      Made of high strength materials, our German type mechanical suspension enjoys high loading capacity. It is available in a number of specifications and custom mechanical suspensions are also offered.