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As a mature trailer accessory, our kingpin has been widely recognised by our clients for its outstanding quality. Each batch of products is made of certain metal according to the application. We know that great material strength, hardness and anti-impact performance are the key factors of a great kinpin. Regional manufacturing has assured exemplary cost-effectiveness and product compliance. As a Chinese trailer part supplier, we can also provide custom kingpin as per your requirements for the technical parameters.

1. The kingpin is forged by special structural alloy steel and treated by thermal refining.

2. Two types product are available, namely assembling type and welding type.

3. The outstanding product quality conforms well to related Australia standard (AS 2175-1995) and the ADR 62/01 standard.

Model D-Value (KN) Specification Skid plate thickness (mm) Installation method
FSKPXZ50-08 240 2"-50mm 8 Bolt-in
FSKPXZ50-10 240 2"-50mm 10 Bolt-in
FSKPXZ50-12 240 2"-50mm 12 Bolt-in
FSKPXH50-08 108 2"-50mm 8 Weldable
FSKPXH50-10 174 2"-50mm 10 Weldable
FSKPXH50-12 174 2"-50mm 12 Weldable
FSKPXZ90A-10 240 3.5"-90mm 10 Bolt-in
FSKPXZ90A-12 240 3.5"-90mm 12 Bolt-in
FSKPXZ90A-14 240 3.5"-90mm 14 Bolt-in
FSKPXZ90A-16 240 3.5"-90mm 16 Bolt-in
FSKPXZ90C-10 240 3.5"-90mm 10 Bolt-in
FSKPXZ90C-12 240 3.5"-90mm 12 Bolt-in
FSKPXZ90C-14 240 3.5"-90mm 14 Bolt-in
FSKPXZ90C-16 240 3.5"-90mm 16 Bolt-in
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