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Shandong Fuhua Axle Co., Ltd. Trailer Axle Coding Rule
Sample: FSA16GNS1 Meaning: FUSAI brand German type 16 ton No.1 axle

No. Code Meaning
1 FS Company name code
2 A A-Axle, MS-Mechanical Suspension, TS-Underslung Suspension, HS-High Frame Bogie Suspension, LS-Low Frame Bogie Suspension, BS-Cantilever Bogie Suspension, AS-Air Suspension, CS-Cantilever Suspension, L-Landing Gear, KP-Kingpin, FW-Fifth Wheel
3 16 Rated loading capacity (Unit: ton)
4 G Standard: G-German Type (European standard), A-American Type, T-Thailand Type, B-Brazil Type, I-Indian Type, L-Lowbed Trailer Axle, H-Hydraulic Swingarm Axle
5 N Installation method of wheel hub and drum brake: N-Inboard Mounting, W-Outboard Mounting, F-Spoke Type, D-Disc Brake
6 S Shape of axle tube: S-Square Shape, R-Round Shape, B-Bending Shape
7 1 Product classification code

Note: The requirements for drum brake, wheel hub, camshaft, slack adjuster assembly, ABS device and other special requirements should be specified in the reference column of the contract.